Head General of Eulbeth; Brother of Jokanis


Sometimes referred to as the “Gentle Giant”. Although rather large and appearing menacing, he holds an unmatched calm and collected persona about him. This is all changed on the battlefield where he takes his role as seriously as the King takes ruling his kingdom. He has never once ran from a battle or backed down in any situation. It is this resolve and determination that has led him to be the head general for the forces of Eulbeth. A unstoppable storm, he is a monster rightfully feared as he wields his sword and shield with an unspeakable brutality and viciousness towards his foes. He is also the younger brother of Jokanis, the King of Neffan. It is this relation which has helped keep such an open communication and peace between Neffan. Toran and Jokanis worked side by side when they were younger (Prince’s at the time) to stop an onslaught of orcs singlehandedly while aid was coming to bolster the eastern portion of Neffan. When Warriks heard of this act, he personally went to Toran and asked him to lead his army’s at the age of 24. He has been in his service for the past twenty years.

Now 44 and still leading the forces of Eulbeth, he is currently being kept busy trying to investigate the outskirts near the Eastern Coast. His hands are full trying to keep the morale of his forces up while trying to gain any information he can about the happenings and disappearances of his scouting party’s.


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