Archmage Seru

Loyal to land, man, and peace.


Archmage Seru has lived on the continent of Tempalla for around 15,000 years. He has come to adore men and the other races that inhabit the kingdoms, and has made it a personal goal to help them so long as they help each other. It’s the spirit that the people have and willingness to work together that has moved him so deeply. Although he is old; he hardly shows it as he is a testament to the levels of power attainable as a wizard. It is this appearance that is his greatest asset. Anyone that stood against the 3 kingdoms have always underestimated him, and paid for it with dire consequences. He serves directly under Warriks and as such only answers to him, as his personal advisor and go-to man. Though while he is given tasks from the king himself, he must sometimes pass those off to his pupils whilst he deals with previous issues. As wise and as powerful as he is, he too knows nothing of what is going on in the east. He would investigate himself, but it’s trouble enough working to maintain 3 kingdoms.

Within the last twenty years, he’s hired two students to work under him and help him with his laboratory and maintain his home. His most recent task has been passed onto them. Little did anyone know, that this event would begin the ripple that would shake Tempalla to its very core.

Archmage Seru

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