King Warriks

King of Eulbeth


King Warriks has held the throne ever since he was three years of age when his parents passed away in a rock slide near Afina Mountains. Archmage Seru took the role of leader of Eulbeth in the time it took for Warriks to come of age to rightfully take the throne at 18. Since then Warriks took all the advice Seru offered for 3 decades and things have run smoothly as such. Warriks is an understanding man that cares much for his people and shows little patience for anything that would disturb the kingdoms peace. Although near 50, you wouldn’t think it by his physique and build. Still a capable fighter, he has fought personally alongside his men believing that no man is worth staying off the field of battle when it comes to the defense of his blood and home. For this his people and soldiers show a deep respect.

Recent reports of outpost falling near the Eastern Coast have brought an uneasiness to Warricks and his people. With reinforcements being sent out to Neffan and Goranh and to the Eastern Coast outpost’ his resources are being stretched thin. At wits end he’s about to have to seek out an old friend for advice.

King Warriks

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