King of Neffan; Brother of Toran


Current ruler of Neffan and Toran’s brother. He took the position of King when his father died at the same battle that Jokanis and Toran took up the last stand until reinforcements were able to arrive. Ever since his brother left to be general of Eulbeth, Jokanis has kept things running smoothly for Neffan. He has kept a demand in high quality products and much demand of his people to only produce such. Although the work has been hard it has been worth it as his people are prosperous and live very well-to-do lifestyles. He has recently taken up metalworking and has even produced his own weapons and armor, and even done work for King Warriks himself. He can often be seen walking the streets among his people stopping to chat and visit visitors that happen to be coming through. He is highly respected, and a master negotiator. It is even rumored that he could talk any dragon into working for him. Although he does spend much time amongst his people, he does take his political roles very seriously and makes sure that the other kingdoms are well supplied in their armory’s. Never one to back down to any threat such as his brother, he too is doing what he can to contribute to the aid near the eastern coast.

Just as many in the kingdom, he begins to worry for his people what may or may not be true of the rumors coming from the east. Very little is known as very few have survived long enough to tell of what they had seen.


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