Queen of Goranh


She has been the queen of Goranh since she was 100, and has now been ruling for over 300 years now. At the age of 400 she is a very capable sorceror, and has actually seen her share of combat. As primary caretaker of the historical knowledge of Tempalla, she spends much of her time in the great library’s of Goranh. She studied alongside Seru for many years and has learned much of the past that happened throughout Tempalla. Although she is very intelligent, she is not snooty and shows great respect to any that would seek her audience. A caring queen, she makes a great effort to help those in her kingdom who would need it. She doesn’t look down on any one race as being inferior but finds qualities that make each one admirable. She also oversees much of the business that takes place in the ports, she can be found here with her personal bodygaurd wandering the piers and docks. Very intolerant of crime and smuggling, she has made a recent effort to clean up her streets.

Although serious at times, she is a good host to those that attend her events. Being the primary agricultural and wine producer, her party’s are well attended and well enjoyed by food and wine experts.


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