Ladies show me their sheets like it's Halloween


Unaligned Drow Sorcerer, Wild Magic, 77 years old

STR: 11 CON: 13 DEX: 23 INT: 9 WIS: 13 CHR: 25

Specializes in Charisma and Dexterity based skills. Specifically those involved in Stealth, Deception and creating Fear.

“You are, without a doubt, the worst student I’ve ever had.” – Archmage Seru


The eldest of two half-brothers training under Archmage Seru. Also the less responsible and studious of the two, preferring to take life as it comes rather than utilize a “by the book” approach. He cares little for anything other than his little brother, though the things he has seen have caused him to reconsider certain beliefs and an alignment shift towards good may not be far off.

Aelmah has recently become engaged to Aleyan, the Queen of Goranh, effectively putting an end to his womanizing. He’s yet to inform the twins he was involved with back home in Eulbeth due to the current mission however. This can only end painfully.

Aelmah has a secret and deep-seated fear of being driven mad by his own sorcerery so much that he tends to overact to certain words and situations.

Should he survive the mission to the Eastern Coast, he intends to found Tempalla’s first Royal Ninja Corps, though whether for Eulbeth or Goranh remains to be seen.


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