Turning the Tide

Log 1

Aelmah and Arahan are summoned by Seru to his workshop where he proceeds to give them a task. It was originally Seru’s but because he was attending other matters he passed it on to his two disciples. They were to find a recently escaped convict by the name of Zero, and he was to be brought to King Warriks.

Aelmah and Arahan make their way to part of the outskirts of town where they find two small boys that point them in the direction the convict was last seen. When they begin to catch up, they find a small town where they seek out information and almost get into a huge brawl when Arahan makes a few “compliments” to the local female bartender. Zero steps in just before a fight breaks out and ask why they were following him. They deliver the message that the King request an audience with him.



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